This is a collection of some websites I've done, some of them based in Wordpress themes and others made a custom design and developed in Webflow.

Websites collection

I always want to learn new things, and 3 years ago I started doing some freelance work, creating wordpress-based websites. Here are some of them and also, recently I started doing custom-design websites, in Webflow.

Landing page for “Wheelchange Tours”

This one was designed by one of the Design Directors at FCB Lisbon and I build it in Webflow.

Designed and developed in Webflow
Website for “AAL” (Lisbon Academic Association)

WordPress based
Website for “easyvet” (vet clinic)

WordPress based
Website for “Mimosa Experimenta” (receipts website)

This one I designed based on a layout created by one of the Design Directors at FCB Lisbon.

Webdesign only
Website for “FormAAL” (event of AAL)

WordPress based
Website for “OliveiraCup” (young moto competition by Miguel Oliveira)

WordPress based