RAC 2018

Content creation and Team management.

Content creation & Team management

On 27th, 28th and 29th September, the well-known Lisbon Freshman Reception once again took place, the largest and most prestigious reception for new students in the city of Lisbon. As usual, communication during this festival is already recognized for both the quality and the incredible amount of good content being produced over the three days.

This year was no exception, I had a fantastic team, full of talent and motivation to always do more and better. In all there were 15 people, lots of equipment, and many hours of sleep lost (but always compensating).

More than maintaining the good communication that has already been made, the goal would be to improve some aspects, something that we have achieved. There were 3 intense days, among many things consisted of capturing photographs and video of the concerts, venue, audience; editing and publishing content on the spot; community management in social networks; interview almost every artist present, among many other things.






All content that came out during the RAC (photographs of the artists, clips, etc.) were always brought by a photographer / videographer, edited on the spot and published shortly thereafter.

Here are some examples:

In photography, we always had photographers covering the concerts, photographing the public in the venue and also general moments of RAC.

In the video, we made a daily video summary of each day of the RAC, with the best moments, which was always published the following day. (props for those who didn’t sleep editing ?)
We also voxpops each day, as well as a clip of each artist, with images of the concert with his interview.


Many think it is easy, but they are wrong. Thinking about 1000 copies for each content that comes out is not easy. Managing a lot of comments, posts, questions from students with questions about RAC is fundamental, it’s basically being on top of what’s happening. Be aware of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, interact, respond and publish.

I can only thank this fantastic team of creative people who made this project amazing. Only with people around us is it possible to create things like that. It was undoubtedly very good.

To see all the contents, just take a look at the social networks of Académica de Lisboa.

Thank you! ?

Thanks to:

André Pêga

Artur Machado

Bernardo Matias

Catarina Alves

Diogo Batista

Diogo Moreira

Diogo Ventura

João Pinto

João Viegas

José Justo

Mónica Carmo

Tiago Carvalho

Tiago Filipe

Tomás Carranca