Paralympics PT

A new brand for Paralympics Portugal.

“Paralympics Portugal” Logotype

Last year, we were challenged to create the logo for the brand “Paralympics Portugal”, a new brand created by the “Portuguese Paralympics Committee” that represents Portugal in the movement of the Paralympic Games and in all the activities that they develop.

The briefing was to create a logo that had a strong Portuguese component present, some strong symbol, a national brand that allowed immediately the association with our country. In all country paralympic logos, it is mandatory to keep the “Agitos”, the symbol of the IPC (International Paralympic Committee), the challenge here would be to incorporate this Portuguese element with the IPC Agitos, so as to function seamlessly.

Portuguese Symbols Research

Portuguese “Caravela” used for the oceanic exploration voyages during the 15th and 16th centuries in the Age of Discovery

Shield of Portugal, present in the Portuguese Flag

IPC Mandatory Symbol

When it all came together.

After some time of research and some tests not very well achieved, I arrived at the shape of the caravel, and from there, everything made sense. The caravels are closely associated with our country, the inclusion of the shield and the Portuguese quinas in the middle of the caravel; in a way, the Agitos look like waves, and the caravel is sailing in motion.

The caravels send us back to a time of Portugal of the Discoveries, a Portuguese era of overcoming, achievements, movement around the world, perseverance and teamwork, some of the values of the brand Paralympics Portugal.

Imagens de Marca TV show piece (SIC Notícias) about the new brand “Paralympics Portugal”

Client: Comité Paralímpico de Portugal

Chief Creative Officer: Edson Athayde

Design Creative Director: João Martins

Designer: Élio Santos

FCB Lisboa 2019