A project where the city of lisbon is seen through hyperlapses showing the portuguese musical scene in each one.

A few months ago, with some hyperlapses I had made for a promotional video for one festival, I decided to create this project in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

I have chosen several emblematic sites, some better known than others, in which the effect could turn out in a funny way, promoting the city and the places. With this in mind, I initially thought I’d just put the hyperlapses in loop without sound, a gif, basically. But then I remembered that it would be nice to make a kind of homage and to make known the great musical scene that the city and Portugal breathe at this moment. All hyperlapses have a song (or part of it) of a Portuguese artist, trying to always make sense with the image.

At the end of the day, there were 15 hyperlapses, with 15 different songs.
Thanks to Catarina for the patience (love you ♥️) and all the Portuguese artists for the amazing music they make.

?Portas do Sol

? Carlos Paredes x @djride_beatbombers & @stereossauro_beatbombers​​​​​​​

?Ponte 25 de Abril


?Parque Eduardo VII


?Terreiro do Paço


?Lisbon (near Portas do Sol)


The End.