Herdade dos Adaens

Rural tourism with a funny twist.

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The “Herdade dos Adaens” is a mini paradise in Campo Maior, in the same villa of the Adega Mayor and the Delta factory. Rural tourism of the Nabeiro group, which opened its doors in May 2019, and in FCB Lisbon we had to page a brochure that revealed all the points of interest and characteristics of this touristic homestead.

It is not the typical rural tourism, instead of houses or rooms, we have trains, boats, suites and caravans scattered around the farm. A real hideout to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a very funny twist.

I am fortunate to already stayed in the “Herdade dos Adaens” and so here are some photos I took there, back in June.

One of the “rooms”

Client: Herdade dos Adaens / Grupo Nabeiro

Year: 2018

Chief Creative Officer: Edson Athayde

Design Creative Director: João Martins

Designer: Élio Santos

FCB Lisboa 2018