The web TV channel of the oldest popular fair of the Iberian Peninsula.

FSM TV – The Project

The oldest popular fair in the Iberian peninsula is in Viseu, it has XXX years of history and is constantly re-creating itself. In 2015, Jorge Sobrado, a person for whom I have great pleasure in knowing and respect, is a master of communication, decided together with a company, 2Play, to re-live the communication of that event. From the incredible videos and the way of communicating the people, the customs, the traditions of the fair, was a breath of fresh air.
With this change at this level, the “FSM TV” project, the fair channel, was created, in which the objective was to show all faces, traditions, stalls, and, above all, stories of all those who make this event.

In the summers of the university I went to Viseu and stayed to work in the area in 2Play, a creative studio full of good people and incredible ideas. It was then in the summer of 2015, a few months before the popular fair started (which lasts more than 1 month), the idea of ​​creating this channel came up. It would be a channel with daily contents, with rubrics, planned and designed, in which we had a studio, for the team, where we did interviews, voice-over, edition of the pieces, and everything this type of project required. It was something more or less new for everyone and the concept was to call young students and professionals to be and manage the channel, we had 4 camera operators, 4 image editors, 4 reporters and 3 producers. I was one of the producers, and brought my some experience of this kind of work, and some imaging and editing know-how to visualize the pieces before they went to the final approval of the fair officials.
We told a lot of stories, we showed many beautiful things that people did not usually know, we promoted smiles and, above all, we had fun.
Every day was a constant learning, we received a lot of feedback, and we used it to improve. It was an incredible experience that I really enjoyed being, mainly by the challenge itself and the people.

My day-to-day work was to manage people, to do together with the other producers the plan of the day according to what was going to happen at the fair, to continue the lines, to hold brainstorming sessions to have new ideas of contents, to do everything so that the team was motivated and happy, and make the connection between the team and the communication leaders of the fair.

Some examples of content we made:

Feel free to go to the youtube channel of the fair to see more.

Go to Youtube’s channel

Final notes:

I just wanted to point out that everyone involved in this project was young people under 25 years old, and it was a project created from 0, and there are some people and entities that I have to thank because without them this would not be possible, and it is interesting to see through them years the channel still exists and with many contents.

Thanks to:


Márcio Cortez

Hugo Cabral

Sílvia Magalhães

Ivan Terra

Viseu Marca / Município de Viseu

Jorge Sobrado

Maria Miguel

Bárbara Sobrado

Marta Loureiro


Cíntia Gomes

Inês Rebelo

Maria Ribeiro

Pedro Nogueira

Inês Rebelo

Catarina Melo

Roni Lucas

João Paiva

João Henriquez

Ana Cláudia

Filipa Gomes

Diana Zadilska

Marta Costa

Carlos Esteves

Daniel Rocha

André Antunes

Andreia Pereira

Jéssica Marques

Ramon Freitas