I'm Élio ?

If you're trying to pronounce it, try "Hell you" ?

Hi! I’m Élio, a portuguese creative and I would like to start saying that I’m no pro at anything. But I can do multiple things in this industry. From design, photography, video, strategy, motion, web, and even project management. I love to idealize and create projects that integrates all this things. Picking up an idea, turning it into a concept, and carrying out a project is my biggest motivation in collaboration with an amazing team. Basically I like challenging projects and meet amazing people. I like to discover techniques and new ways of doing something. I like to question, and I only get this because I have an incessant will to learn, every day.

The tools I work eveyday:

Adobe Creative Suite


Invision App



Clients I’ve worked (in angency and freelancer):

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Work & Projects

Projects and work that I really enjoyed doing

Semana Académica de Lisboa / Recepção ao Caloiro de Lisboa Communication
For 5 years I have been responsible for communication during the SAL and RAC events, managing about 15 people, planning and thinking about content, from daily videos, photos, social networks, everything on-time.
In 2015 and 2016 I was responsible for launching and managing the São Mateus TV Fair (FSM TV) in terms of the team. Manage people, plan the days, manage the material, evaluate the pieces before they go to final approval with the superiors of the Feira de Sao Mateus.
If you want to know more about my academic and professional path, take a look:
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